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Z31 Roll Center Adjusters


Image of Z31 Roll Center Adjusters

When putting the effort into lowering the suspension of your 1984-89 Nissan 300ZX, you may notice that an unintended side effect of lowering springs, or any other method of suspension drop, will be excessive bump steer. We are proud to offer a Bump Steer Spacer Kit specifically for the Z31 chassis to help correct bump steer geometry!

These Bump Steer Spacers (also known as roll center adjusters) fit between the steering knuckle and the strut housing. This corrects suspension geometry in the front end, and is a popular modification for cars with similar style suspension setups.

Our Bump Steer Spacers are CNC machined from billets of 6061-T6 aircraft-spec aluminum stock for durability in punishing, high performance usage. They are then anodized Blue and come with hardened 10.9 metric hardware for installation. Our exclusive Bump Steer Spacers are also single piece units, which eliminates the possibility of failure that multi-piece bump steer adjustment units could potentially experience.

Vehicles with bolt-on front wheel hubs may require some clearancing of the front control arm lips for proper fitment.

Please remember that these units are rated for off-road use only.

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