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VG30/VG33 Intake Manifold Spacer Kit


Image of VG30/VG33 Intake Manifold Spacer Kit

This Intake Manifold Spacer Kit comes with everything you'll need to help battle heatsoak on your 1984-89 Nissan 300ZX & Turbo (Z31 Chassis).

These spacers are custom manufactured pieces of 3/8" thick phenolic material, offering thermal barrier protection of the upper intake manifold from heat transmitted to it from the lower intake manifold (and thereby the rest of the engine itself). Inserting a thermal barrier here is a tried and true way of reducing the temperature of the intake air charge, improving power efficiency. Also, these spacers are designed to eliminate the use of a plenum gasket, and comes with silicone adhesive included with your purchase.

We offer kits for many vehicles powered by the SOHC VG30 and VG33 engines. All kits include appropriate length bolts to compensate for spacer thickness, as well as silicone adhesive.

Choose the kit for the intake manifold you utilize on your vehicle.