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SHAMWOW S-Chassis Subframe Swap Kit


Image of SHAMWOW S-Chassis Subframe Swap Kit
  • Image of SHAMWOW S-Chassis Subframe Swap Kit

If you have been researching alternative methods to significantly enhance the handling performance of your 1984-89 Nissan 300ZX & Turbo, you will likely learn many enthusiasts have opted to replace the stock Z31 rear subframe.

By replacing the stock subframe with one from an S13 or S14 (1989-1998 Nissan 240SX), this allows you to take advantage of the inherent adjustability available to the S-Chassis multi-link suspension, along with significantly higher pool of aftermarket products and support.

This kit from Z31Parts will provide you the fabrication-specific parts you will require in order to cut, weld, and assist with installing your S-Chassis rear subframe. This kit was originally developed by a member at the Z31Performance Forums, and is commonly referred to as the "ShamWow/MikeG Swap Kit". Other attempts at providing a swap kit have been tried, but do not come with the breadth of parts and proven usage as the original MikeG Kit.

The Z31/S-Chassis Subframe Swap Kit from Z31Parts includes:

Two (2) Subframe Mounting Studs
Two (2) Subframe Mounting C-Channels
One (1) Subframe Stud Retention Bar
Two (2) Subframe Bushing Cups
Two (2) Subframe Bushing Relocation Brackets
Four (4) Gusset Plates for Subframe Bushing Relocation

In addition, a 32GB USB Thumbdrive will come with the kit with tips and pointers for installation, as provided by the inventor of the swap, along with information for other, easily-sourced components to complete the swap.

Also note that Z31Parts is not liable for any damages caused by improper installation of your replacement subframe - we simply provide the compoents to make the swap easier. The quality and safety of the installation involves many factors, including but not limited to: fabrication and welding skills, proper measurement and alignment of the subframe, condition of subframe and related components, etc.

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