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PRW-2 Ignition Module Plug-n-Play Adapter


Image of PRW-2 Ignition Module Plug-n-Play Adapter

Updating your Z31 and other classic Nissans to a later Nissan "PRW-2" ignition module has been a proven method to improve reliability and performance.

However, previously this modification required the tedious step of modifying your stock wiring harness. When fighting to de-pin wires in 30+ year old connectors, problems can arise. Also, many people simply do not want to modify their existing harness.

Our new PRW-2 adapter harness makes this modification simple enough that owners of any experience level can do it in minutes.

Simply plug in one end of our PRW-2 adapter to your existing harness, and the other end to the PRW-2 module you have sourced. Mount the PRW-2 module securely in the engine bay and you're done!

Customer must provide their own PRW-2 ignition module.