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DIY Gutted Plenum Top Plate Kit


Image of DIY Gutted Plenum Top Plate Kit

If you are looking to build a gutted intake plenum for your Z31 chassis 1984-89 Nissan 300ZX or Turbo, one of the issues you will need to consider is the upper plenum plate. Building a top plate that strikes a balance between being fully functional as well as attractive can be an extremely tough task to manage alone. This is why we offer our a Z31 Gutted Plenum Top Plate Kit here at Z31Parts!

These plenum top-plates are CNC machined sheets of quality aluminum, measuring 13" by 5". These plates come complete with 4 standoffs for access to the lower plenum bolts, as well as 6 smaller standoffs to allow you to reuse your original plenum cover if you so desire. It is ready to be welded in.

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